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Chicago MAC competitors "Race Photo ChallengeTM"
Team McLube



Jul 20, 2006, 12:11 PM

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Chicago MAC competitors "Race Photo ChallengeTM" Log-In to Post/Reply

Attention all Chicago MAC racers…

Boatingshots, in collaboration with some of the biggest sponsors in racing (e.g. Lands’ End, Mount Gay and Harken etc…), have just announced their new long distance racing competitor photo competition product called “Race Photo ChallengeTM”. The Chicago MAC is the first race to ever use this product and offer this exciting photo competition to their competitors.

Here’s how it works:
1) Boatingshots provides you a DVD in your skippers bag for your crew to burn their best 10 photos from the race, and a postage paid return envelope for you to send them into the competition
2) Boatingshots posts all entries on their website by the name and sail number of the boat submitting the photos
3) Boatingshots and the competition sponsors (e.g. Lands’ End, Mount Gay and Harken etc…) pick the best photos submitted and these win incredible prizes

The following email notice was sent out to the skippers by the MAC committee, but given the crew are more likely to be taking photos during the race than the skippers, the MAC chairman recommended we notify as many as racers as possible through Scuttlebutt and other sailing forums.

Anyway check out these incredible prizes and make sure your crew enters the competition.

Happy shooting and best of luck in the race guys!!

2006 MAC Competitors Race Photo Challenge – Prizes and Competition Instructions announced

Boatingshots has just finalized the Race Photo ChallengeTM prizes and competition instructions.
Please forward this email to your crew members so they know these instructions are now posted under the “Multimedia” section of the MAC website and also be looking out for a hard copy in a Race Photo ChallengeTM envelope within your skipper bags at check in. This envelope also contains the CD and stamped return envelope for you to submit your boat’s 10 best photos into the competition.
There are a total of six great prizes to be won by this year’s competitors:
1. Best Overall Photo - $2500 Teak patio set from Lands’ End Business Outfitters
2. Best Overall Photo - Runner Up – A Waterford Crystal
3. Best Teamwork Photo - $500 in Lands’ End Business Outfitters Logo’d apparel
4. Best sunrise/sunset/artistic photo containing a boat – Harken sunglasses
5. Best photo of own crew/boat – Mount Gay Rum “Party Pack”
6. Best photo of another crew/boat – Apple 60GB Video iPod from Flagship Integration Services
Please remember to bring the contact details for a nominated “photo coordinator” from your boat’s crew to check in. (Name, email and telephone number only) and then hand them the Race Photo ChallengeTM envelope and CD so it is not lost in the hurry to get the boat ready.
Make sure your crew members bring their digital cameras, so they use all that time on the rail to maximize your outboard weight and Boatingshots Race Photo ChallengeTM winnings!!
And finally, remember which boats come alongside you during the race so you can track down the photos of your boat they enter into the competition on the website’s Race Photo ChallengeTM event. Photos will be categorized by the submitting boat’s name and sail number (not your own!!).
Best of luck with your racing and happy shooting!!
Boatingshots and your generous Race Photo ChallengeTM sponsors

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