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Jun 28, 2014, 8:20 PM

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Hi Scuttlebutters!

My name is Ross, Im a 31 year old boatbuilder from Adelaide Australia. I have developed and I am producing some carbon fibre products and looking to getting them out and onto some boats for next season

The product I am furthest along with is a carbon fibre soft pad eye that I have developed from my experience in the America's Cup and high end yacht racing industry that I think will transfer well to racing yachts, dinghy's, cruising boats, SUP's, kayaks and canoes.

Basically what I have developed is a small low profile carbon disc with a small strong rope loop through the middle that when adhered to a boat/board, with either an epoxy or sikaflex type product, it can have a variety of uses. These soft pad eyes are heavily used in AC, VOR, TP52's and most high performance sailing boats but are not generally available on a commercial basis I believe this is a first for a company to offer this type of product for sale to your average dinghy/boat owner. There are numerous boats here in Adelaide using my products for a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, foredeck sail managing systems, vertical lifeline lashings, bunjee returns, for small cascades, as lashing points. I am selling sets consistently to the US, Europe and around Australia for people to use as a criss crossing bungee lashing system on the front of their SUP boards to store things like life jackets, drink bottles etc. I also feel it may lend well as a safety system for gopro's, extra or replacing existing leg rope plugs and many other uses.

My soft pad eyes are super strong (managing to hold over 100kg when stuck with the right glues), require no holes to be drilled in your boat and have a low profile look (no stubbing your toes) and are super light (weighing around 6g each) and have a bit of carbon bling factor about them. I have spent a lot of time working on the asthetics of the soft pad eye I have created and the result is something that is not only functional but something to be proudly displayed above deck and in plain site. For the classes that don't allow carbon fibre I produce a white E-glass version as well.

These come in 2 sizes at the moment, 25mm and 40mm diameters with the larger having a greater working load. Customisable loop options are available and encouraged.
Check out my website for some photos and perhaps a clearer picture on what I'm doing. At the moment the website is more aimed towards SUPing but the same products are available and were originally aimed at racing yachts and dinghies, it just happened that when I started up with my business the sailing season had already started and SUP's just seemed to pick up on the product quicker.
I am looking into advertising options and ways to get my product out and into the sailing world and having been a long time follower of your website I naturally wanted to get in contact with your team.

Id be interested in any feedback from you guys and I'm currently looking for some boats to begin using my products for their current or up coming sailing season.

If this sounds like you or you have some feedback for me, get in contact either on here or via my email


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