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Sailing, Why Corporations do not care.
Team McLube


Dave T

Sep 5, 2013, 10:53 AM

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Sailing, Why Corporations do not care. Log-In to Post/Reply

Over on another sailing site there is an article called "The Clown Show Continues". I'ts basically about the failure of the ACEA, Red Bull and ESPN3 with their TV Coverage

an excerpt from the last paragraph:
We assume Red Bull and ESPN know what they are doing; ACEA clearly doesnít. So why are they so silent on sailing? Is it because no one is watching, and they donít want to waste a penny on promoting a loser?

Clearly whoever wrote this wants to lay some sort of blame but the blame lies squarely on the Sport of Sailing itself.
Sailing has nothing to market to the masses. Unlike Car/Motorcycle Racing, All the Ball Sports, Skiing, Swimming, Bicycling......on and on the list can go.

If sailing actually has something it could sell to the masses, there would be one or more corporations ready to produce and market these products and sponsor our sport and pay for Tele Coverage.
Stop and think and be realistic and ask yourself "What does sailing have that can be marketed to the Masses for Profit?"

It's Clear that Red Bull knows they have something to market to sailors, but sailors have nothing to market to rest of Red Bull's customers.
So why would any corporation spend any money on Sailing at all?

About the only thing that that Sailing has that is remotely ready for the Tele, is a "one hour recap of each leg of the Round the World Race" This event actually holds something that every human can think back to. The Romance of Exploration, The Romance of Setting off on an Adventure and days of the "European Expansion" (or as I call it the beginning of the end of Native Cultures around the World).

Sailing is a Participatory Sport and that is all it will ever be.


Sep 6, 2013, 3:56 AM

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Re: [Dave T] Sailing, Why Corporations do not care. [In reply to] Log-In to Post/Reply

The reason is simple: Sailing brings very little ROI as compared to other sports!

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