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Waiting for Scuttlebutt's apology and congrats to Nathan and Iain
Team McLube



Aug 14, 2012, 4:37 AM

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Waiting for Scuttlebutt's apology and congrats to Nathan and Iain Log-In to Post/Reply

Ahem, Craig......

Monday August 13

"EDITOR'S NOTE: John Morgan wanted it to be known that he wasn't commenting on the legality of the Australian boats"

Friday August 10

John Morgan "when training or racing in OZ. And twice we found illegal bits on the boat."
"Nathan and Goobs ... got caught up in the Australian 'win at all cost' mentality. The fact that they were the only ones to use an Aussie built boat is interesting. You draw your own conclusions "

Editor "John's closing comment reminded us of Dennis Conner's quote...if you want to build a glass boat, why would you do it, unless you
wanted to cheat?"

Seems to me that John was clearly commenting on the legality of the Aussie boats and that is the way you read it as well.

Team NZ's prompt response was

"Given the strict measurement controls and the range of equipment used by the Australians, there is absolutely no basis for these claims made by John Morgan on August 10th 2012..

The management teams of both the Australian Sailing Team and Yachting New Zealand are extremely disappointed that the celebrations for two such talented sailors who have worked exceptionally hard over many years to attain Olympic gold are being tainted by such unfounded accusations. "

Kudos to Team NZ and shame on John Morgan. I think publishing the entire text of Team New Zealand's response would have been appropriate , rather than a link.

+ Is there an editorial response that might be a little bit more chagrined and perhaps more congratulatory to Nathan and Iain after their four years of endeavor ?

Knowing you, the innuendo of the editorial comment of "why would you do it unless you wanted to cheat" was probably unintended but these two exceptional lads should be hoisted metaphoricaly to the sailing community's shoulders and an apology + congratulations would be in order.

The Publisher

Aug 14, 2012, 2:30 PM

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Re: [JScott] Waiting for Scuttlebutt's apology and congrats to Nathan and Iain [In reply to] Log-In to Post/Reply

Scuttlebutt 3650 - Published a respected British report that quoted a Dane about the 49er class rules and the Aussie boat.
Scuttlebutt 3651 - Published a respected British report that quoted the Aussie skipper about 49er class rules and the Aussie boat.
Scuttlebutt 3652 - Published a letter sent to Scuttlebutt from a sailing coach with some purported knowledge of the Kiwi and Aussie 49er programs. Also published a note from the editor that compared what the coach said to a historical quote from the 1987 America's Cup.
Scuttlebutt 3653 - Published a letter sent to Scuttlebutt from an Aussie Intl. Umpire/Judge that rebutted comments from the coach, published a clarifying comment from the coach, and provided access to a joint statement sent to Scuttlebutt by the Australian and New Zealand sailing federations.

No witchhunt at Scuttlebutt against the Aussie team, though I do wish we had not stepped as far into this situation as we had. While it initially appeared to be a public issue as it pertained to the Olympics, this is clearly a class issue that should be handled by the class and its members.

- Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt


Aug 14, 2012, 3:53 PM

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Re: [The Publisher] Waiting for Scuttlebutt's apology and congrats to Nathan and Iain [In reply to] Log-In to Post/Reply

I know that Scuttlebutt sets a high standard of integrity about your reporting. Refreshing both compared to traditional and internet media. So I am confident that you had not the slightest intent of witchhunt.

But you have to assemble a daily newsletter, every day, every week. With the best intentions, one day you are going to add a bit of humor, a bit of historical perspective, a bit of spice.......that in hindsight doesnt send the right message. I think Scuttlebutt 3652 was that day.

The Dane that Andy Rice interviewed in 3650 didnt have anything substantive to say about the aussie 49ers. He merely said that someone else had said something. In fact the Dane specifically said that he had not seen any measurement issues himself and that both the Aussies and the Kiwis were sailing fast.
Andy Rice was looking for a fourth paragraph to complete his vignette on Olympic controversies, but to his credit, he quickly published a rebuttal from the Aussie team.
I have no idea who John Morgan is but I thought the Team NZ response was completely unambiguous. Everyone seems to agree that Nathan and Iain were worthy winners of the Gold medal. No steroids, no East German training camps, no cheater boats......just hard work, dedication and great sailing. I wanted the US team to win but I am a sucker for olympic champions and I think our congratulations should be unconditional.

I was left feeling that our (scuttlebutt readers) congratulations was hedged and that we (Scuttlebutt readers) or you (Scuttlebutt) are better than this. So anyway, I wanted to post and say that at least one reader thinks it was a hellva achievement.

If Nathan and Iain were americans and an aussie website made an ambiguous remark about cheating, we might be left with a slightly off taste in our mouth. Can't you find some way to celebrate their success so they feel better about it. Maybe a personal note of congratulations, maybe a Scuttlebutt interview (Love to hear their views on how australia came back so well from 2004 and how we can emulate the turnaround).

By the way, class issues are public issues as well. The public buys boats and the best classes have a policy of transparency.
However my guess is that there never really was an issue with Nathan and iain's boat and that the class and its members wont be handling anything. If there is a class issue, I will certainly hear about it and I'll ask them to let you know.

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