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2011-12 Jaguar Series
Team McLube


The Publisher

Dec 11, 2011, 4:45 PM

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2011-12 Jaguar Series Log-In to Post/Reply

The Jaguar Series is the premiere winter event for the Etchells class in North America, attracting big fleets and the world championship caliber competition. Hosted by Etchells Fleet 20 in Miami, Florida, the racing takes place on Biscayne Bay, arguably among the finest racing venues during the winter months.

The 2011-12 Jaguar Series regatta dates are:

Piana Cup December 10 & 11, 2011
Up to 5 races for the Louis Piana Cup

Sid Doren Memorial January 7 & 8, 2012
Up to 5 races for the Sidney Doren Memorial Trophy

Florida State Championship. February 4 & 5, 2012
Up to 5 races for the Florida State Championship.

Jaguar Mid-Winters East Regatta February 24, 25 & 26, 2012
Up to 8 races for the Schoonmaker Cup, and the Jaguar Cup Series

Jaguar Series website:

The Publisher

Dec 11, 2011, 4:47 PM

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Re: [The Publisher] 2011-12 Jaguar Series [In reply to] Log-In to Post/Reply

Report by John Payne
December 10-11, 2011
Miami, FL

The 2011-12 Etchells Jaguar Cup Series kicked off this weekend with the Piana Cup, hosted by Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. This weekend’s weather was just about perfect with partly sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 70s, and steady breeze between 8 and 17 knots. The 48-boat fleet had five races over the two days, leaving lots of time on shore for each afternoon for catching up with old friends, in the shade of the sea grape trees.

At the end of the day, Tom Lihan, sailing with Moose McClintock and Barr Batzer won the regatta, narrowly edging Judd Smith, Henry Frazer and Judd’s daughter Darby, by 2 points. Rounding out the top five were Mike Dressel and Ernie Pomerleau with crew Chris Morgan and Monica Trejo; Jeffrey Siegal with crew Jeff Madrigali, Willem Van Way, and Sarah Callahan; and Marvin Beckman with crew Kurt Etking and Mac.

As is typical of the close racing in this series, eight points separated 3rd through 10th places. Sixth place went to Scott Piper who tied Beckman but lost the tie breaker. Seventh through tenth was a four-way tie between Michael Gavin, Peter Vessella, Bruce Huber and John Ulbrich.

On a somber note, Peter Grimm, long time crew for John Ulbrich, was hit in the chest by the bow of another Etchells, and knocked overboard. He was rescued by another Etchells, transferred to a coach’s RIB, taken to shore where he was taken by paramedics to the hospital. Happily, it appears nothing is broken, and what could easily have been a tragedy was averted. The lesson learned here is to wear that life jacket, even on bigger boats on a normally placid body of water, because you never know what can happen.

Complete results can be found here:


The Publisher

Jan 8, 2012, 5:43 PM

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Re: [The Publisher] 2011-12 Jaguar Series [In reply to] Log-In to Post/Reply

Report by John Payne
January 7-8, 2012

Miami, FL

This past weekend was the Sidney Doren Memorial, the second event of the 2011-2012 Etchellls Jaguar Series. Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day for racing, clear skies and temperatures in the mid 60’s. The only problem was a lack of wind on Biscayne Bay. The race committee hoisted AP on shore and told the fleet to return for a 1300 update. A scout boat was sent out on the bay, and although they reported patches of breeze over much of the bay, they also found many holes with no wind. The decision was made to cancel racing for the day, and the first warning for Sunday was moved up an hour earlier with the hope of getting in three races. Several boats went out for a brief practice sail, and confirmed the RC decision, reporting large patches of zero velocity.

Sunday morning dawned much the same as Saturday but with a promise of better breeze. Fifty-one Ethcells reported to the starting line. By 1100 a wind line had crossed from the east side of the bay, and the RC set a course of 100 degrees and one mile in a freshening breeze of 6 knots. Leading the fleet to the top mark was Jose Fuentes followed closely by Peter Vessella and Argyle Campbell. After the next downwind, upwind and downwind legs Phil Wherheim with Vince Brun, took the horn and George Andreadis with Tony Rey and Chris Cantrick came second. They were followed by Argyle Campbell, Jeffery Siegal, and James Howells.

In the second start, the fleet was over anxious, and it resulted in a general recall, effectively ending any chance of getting off a third race for the day. The re-start was under a black flag with perennial favorite Jeffrey Siegal was trapped against the pin boat and forced over early. The bulk of the fleet proceeded up the left side of the course in the fairly steady breeze that had freshened to 11 knots. At the top mark Marvin Beckmann with Morgan Reeser led the fleet. They were closely pursued by Argyle Campbell, Peter Duncan and Jud Smith. On the downwind the right side seemed to have a bit more pressure, and those that chose that side pulled ahead. Marvin Beckmann held on for the gun. Jud Smith came second, followed by Peter Duncan, Ernie Pomerleau and Michael Frecker.

The final results were Argyle Campbell with Dwight Beldon and Jamie Hardenbergh in first. In second were Ernie Pomerleau, Mike Dressell, Monica Trejo and Chris Morgan. Finishing third were George Andreadis sailing with Tony Rey and Chris Cantrick. Fourth place went to Shannon Bush with Brad Boston and Eric Vigrass. Rounding out the top five were Jud Smith with his daughter Darby and Henry Frazer.

Next up are the Florida State Champs and the Midwinter Championships.

Results attached.


Attachments: Jag_Cup_2012_Doren1.pdf (56.8 KB)

The Publisher

Feb 26, 2012, 4:35 PM

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Re: [The Publisher] 2011-12 Jaguar Series [In reply to] Log-In to Post/Reply

Report by John Payne
January 24-26, 2012
Miami, FL

COCONUT GROVE, FL – The Etchells Midwinter Regatta wrapped up over the weekend on Biscayne Bay. The three-day regatta serves as not only the class midwinter championship, but as the final event of the Jaguar Cup Series. Since this is a class sanctioned event, crew weigh-ins and sail checks are part of the requirements for competition. The Jaguar Cup Series Champion would be the boat with the best total score, made up of their finish places in two of the first three Jaguar Series regattas combined with their finish place in the Midwinter Regatta.

Friday, the race committee, led by PRO Dave Brennan, ran three very competitive races under sunny skies, with winds of 8 knots. Forty-Seven Etchells sailed the windward-leeward course, with a bearing of 180 and a length of 1.5 miles. Fort Lauderdale’s Tom Lihan (USA 1225) with crew, Moose McLintock and Bar Batzer, led the first race wire to wire. In race two, Tony Rey of Westbrook, CT, driving George Andreadis’s GRE1368 with crew, Bill Bennett, and Cris Cantrick pulled out the victory. Placing third in both races was Miami’s Buddy Cribb (USA 1273). By the third race the breeze had filled in to 12 knots. Rey and his team reeled off a second straight bullet, followed by Tomas Honros (USA 102) sailing with Zach Via and Henry Frazer; and Marvin Beckmann (USA 1232). Beckmann had Etchells world champion and recent Rolex Yachtsman of the Year recipient Bill Hardesty on the bow and calling tactics.

Saturday dawned just as beautiful a day as Friday, save for one problem….No Wind. A frontal boundary was taking its time making its way down the Florida Peninsula, leaving Biscayne Bay with winds that were light and variable. The race committee kept the fleet on shore while monitoring the conditions up the coast and out on the bay. The front was slowly moving South, and by 1300, it appeared the new breeze was beginning to fill in, so the AP was lowered. Once the fleet made it out to the race course, the RC kept watch on the rapidly backing winds. Once they settled on a course of 045, they started a race in the freshening breeze of 15 knots. A five leg race was run, and was won wire to wire by BBYC’s Dr. Scott Piper sailing with Tim Banks, and Henry Chau. He was followed by Tomas Honros and Marvin Beckmann.

Sunday’s weather was rainy with much more wind. The breeze on Biscayne Bay was around 18 knots with some gusts to 23. A windward leeward course was set, with a bearing of 110 degrees and a distance to the weather mark of 1.7 miles. Tom Lihan started at the pin, and led the fleet up the left side of the course, which had been paying most of the regatta. He rounded first with Tony Rey and Michael Gavin close behind. After a course change on each succeeding legs, Jeffrey Siegal with Jeff Madrigali, Willem Wan Wey and Sarah Callahan clawed his way to the top, and held on sailing the downwind to take the horn.

The stage was now set for the final race. The only boat with a mathematical chance to catch Rey was Lihan, but he would need to win the race and have Rey finish 8th or worse. Both boats started at the pin, and headed out to that favored left side. Jeffrey Siegal led the fleet to the top mark followed by Barry Allardice, Rey, Honros and Lihan. They maintained that order until the second upwind. LIhan followed the shifts up the right side and passed everyone. Said Tom, “I figured we were racing for second in the regatta, and that there was no way to catch T Rey who was right behind us, and keeping us close. But, on the downwind we got a great lift, jibed out, and put some nice space between us and the rest of the fleet.” By the second leeward rounding, Lihan was neck and neck with Argyle Campbell. Tom again took the right side of the course, and, sailing upwind, crossed everyone. Moose noticed T Rey was falling further back, and realized that with their lead, they might still be able to win the regatta. Then, out of nowhere, Bruce Huber (USA 1177) came in from the left side, crossed Lihan and clamped on them, pushing them back to second for the race and the regatta. Lihan remarked, “By the time they crossed us, there wasn’t enough race track left to make a move to pull out a win. But, we are very happy with our results, we have a good boat, and we are racing now, not sailing.”

Tony Rey sailed an excellent regatta with all of their finishes in the top ten. When asked what his thoughts were about the Midwinters, he said, “This was a boat-speed regatta. The key was starting left and playing that side up the course, though it wasn’t so favored that you couldn’t also make the right side pay. The shifts were fairly consistent, and if you didn’t over stand the weather mark by 15 lengths like we did in one race, you would be OK.”

The 2012 Jaguar Cup Series winners were George Andriadas and Tony Rey. Tom Lihan and Jeffrey Siegal finished second and third respectively.

Special thanks to the great race committee at Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. Over 50 volunteers help put on the Jaguar Cup Series.

Full Midwinters results:
Full Jaguar Cup Series results:

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