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Cal 32's - Where are they now?


Oct 8, 2007, 10:35 AM

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Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I'm intrigued by the Cal 32, a 1936 design by Nicholas Potter. The boats are close, but not the same as the S&S NY 32.

46' LOA
32' LWL

There were 8 built and here's what I know of their existence:

1. Cholita - Fully restored and actively racing on the Mediterranean.
2. Amorita - Fully restored and actively racing on the Mediterranean.
3. Andale - Somewhere in California?
4. Altamar - In San Diego in need of a massive restoration.
5. Tempest - ?
6. Escapade - ?
7. Atorante - holed and sunk in the 70's. RIP.
8. Pegasus - Sausalito?

Anyone know where Tempest and Escapade are and their condition?


Oct 8, 2007, 10:08 PM

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Re: [mcc1151] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Used to race with Burke on ATTORANTE Cal-32 #5?)..As far as I know (it's been 45 years) ANDALE was #7, the last Cal-32 built, by South Coast, in 1951.

ALTAMAR was built pre-War (1937), and was hull #2.

PEGASUS I don't believe is an original name, nor is there a #8, and is possibly either TEMPEST or ESCAPADE. I saw a derelict Cal-32 some years ago, without a deck, in Sausalito.

Depending your location, there are quite a few S.Cal sailors more familiar than I with the complete history of the Cal-32's. I'd start with Keith Lorence (ANDALE) or Jim Eddy (owned TEMPEST).



Oct 9, 2007, 6:26 AM

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Re: [mcc1151] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

The Cal32's were "the boat" for the Lipton Cup for several years in the early 60's.

As to current locations, the only one I can confirm would be Andale, #7, at Alamitos Bay, CA. Ed Lorence. Ed, no surprise, has sailed the boat very well in local races, including a class win at Ensanada in '04.

As to hull numbers and owners/skippers back in the 60's, these are my recollections:

1. Cholita - Malin Burnham
2. Altamar - Jay Jones
3. Tempest - Jim Eddy
4. Escapade - Fred Smales, before he moved to Hawaii
5. Amorita
6. Attorante - Lew Whitney, then Burke Sawyer
7. Andale - (possibly Walter Franz, and now Ed Lorence)
8. Maybe the same hull, but not really a Cal-32. It was made in the Orient, and had a different cabin configuration, possibly including a "dog house".


Oct 9, 2007, 9:22 AM

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Re: [FinBeven] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I got an email that said Escapade was cut up in Hawaii, so I think that accounts for all of them.

I'm glad there are 2 still active in So Cal.

Just like many things American, these boats (Cholita and Amorita) seem to be highly valued by the Europeans.

Maybe they'll come home someday, just like Dorade has.


Oct 9, 2007, 9:44 AM

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Re: [mcc1151] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Good morning.
I grew up aboard Cal-32 #8, PEGASO.
PEGASO was built in 1965 at Cheoy Lee Shipyards in Hong Kong. She was a custom build for an entrepreneur who intended to use her as the plug for a line if fiberglass Cal-32s. She was modified (by Nick Potter) to include 3-inches more freeboard than her sisters, and her below decks layout was modernized, including the fitting of a dog-house style coachroof.
She was lovingly built – the teak coach-roof sides have matching grain port and starboard – because the owner intended to sell her as the first unit on the market, a sort of flagship for the fleet that would follow.
Unfortunately the fleet never followed.
She sat for sale in Marina Del Rey until my father, Charles Ben McKesson, saw her in 1966.
We owned the boat until the late 1980s. Ben campaigned her actively in both PHRF an OR classes throughout Southern California. She was a wonderful boat.
Ben also pioneered boat graphics, by having a then-unheard-of graphic spinnaker, with a white flying horse on an otherwise all-black ‘chute. The horse was derived from the logo of the Pegaso car factory in Spain. (At the time of purchase, my father drove a Pegaso Z-102 sports car.) To look over your stern and see that 1700-square foot horse bearing down on you was quite a sight for the competitors!
PEGASO was a very stiff boat, really reveling in 25-30 knot breezes. Unlike her sisters she was masthead rigged.
PEGASO was strip planked, mahogany on oak. She was tight as a drum – many people wouldn’t believe she was wood.
We cruised Mexico in her in 1970-71, and I spent an important part of my boyhood aboard…Perhaps that’s why I am a naval architect today.
All the best,
Chris McKesson


Oct 9, 2007, 10:20 AM

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Re: [mcc1151] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

My family owned Amorita (#5) from 1952 til about 1959. She then went to San Diego...Fred Leibhart (sp) at SDYC and raced in the Lipton may times. Later she was owned by Hank Grandin in San Francisco and he did at least one Transpac.

Attornate was actually lost sailing along with the Tranpac as I recall in the late 70's after hitting a whale. All crew were picked up by Nick Frazee on Swiftsure. The first five boats were built at Fellows and Stewart in San Pedro in the mid/late 30's. Attorante and Andele were built at South Coast after WW II.

Chris Mckesson is correct on all I remember about Pegaso except I remembered it as Pegasas. I think Chuck Ullman (yes, Dave's dad) and Dick Stewart had something to with the building of her. She also had a masthead rig as I recall.

Escapade I think was taken to Honolulu by Fred Smales. I think she sank there, and I do not recall anything about her salvage. She had also sunk in LA Harbor during the 1939 hurricane. Walt Elliott (Danny's dad) owned here then.

Altamar was originally owned by Don Douglas, Sr. of Douglas Aircraft. And Cholita was owned by Fess Parker at one time.

A good source on the 32's is Tom Skahill who lives in Dana Pt., CA. He has written a lot for Wooden Boat Magazine. One article was on Fellows and Stewart and another on South Coast. Both articles include info on the Cal 32's.

Hope this helps,

Larry Somers, Newport Beach


Oct 9, 2007, 12:53 PM

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Re: [LSomers] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I confirm that it was Chuck [somebody] who was the entrepreneur who had PEGASO (#8) built...Could well be Ullman, I was only eight years old at the time.

Ben McKesson was commodore of the San Diego YC in 1981, which makes PEGASO the club flagship in that year. There are many records and photos of her in club archives.

One of her Ensenada Race trophies - a brass trawler lamp - hangs proudly in the saloon my current boat.

Chris McKesson


Oct 9, 2007, 3:18 PM

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Re: [Chris.McKesson] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Fun memories all, and thanks to Chris and Larry for the info on PEGASO and AMORITA. During their day, the Kettenburg PCC's and the Cal-32's would have ding-dong boat for boat battles, with the PCC's competitive in winds under about 12 knots. Above that, the Cal-32's were a tickle quicker. And, if you didn't watch out, Alex Irving on his home design and built double-ender SPARKLE would get the measure of all.

ANDALE, painted black and owned by Walter Franz, was regularly skippered by World Star Champs Ficker and Edler, and was tough to beat. Keith has her looking pristine.

The summer of '61 I was a kid working at Watts Sails Repair loft basement in Torrance, with Eddie and Keith. Burke was in the front office selling sails, Boo was working in the new sails loft, and Kenny was roving the grounds, making sure everything humming. (Shithowdy, was that just the 110' BARLOVENTO sail testing mast that just fell over out back?)

On Monday, Fred Smales walks into Burke's office, and orders a Fleur-de-Lys ( a stylized iris flower) stitched on ESCAPADE's pale green spinnaker for the following weekend's Lipton Cup Race. Nobody had ever put a design on a spinnaker before, but Burke promised it to Fred by Friday afternoon.

Burke had only a general idea of what a Fleur-de-Lys looked like, from a rough sketch that Smales had left him. Never at a loss, Burke remembered the exact flower design he needed was on the Girl Scout cookie in his lunch box. So out came the cookie, and the Girl Scout emblem was traced off the cookie, enlarged, and ultimately tediously stitched onto the green nylon of ESCAPADE's spinny.

Fast forward a week later. Fred Smales, as much a gentleman as you would ever hope to meet, returns to Burke's office, and a heated discussion ensues behind the glass window. Out comes the spinnaker, and we are told to unceremoniously remove the giant Fleur-de-Lys with our rippers. I'm only 16 and keep my mouth shut. But Eddie tells me what happened: ESCAPADE's spinny was hoisted in the heat of battle, and Smales, expecting a regal flower, instead sees Burke's flower design more resembling someone flipping him the finger.

James Eddy

Oct 10, 2007, 3:21 PM

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Re: [mcc1151] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Originally owned by Oscar Clevidence who handled insurance for Douglas Aircraft. Oscar only owned it a short time as Ted Conant purchased her and sailed her all over Southern California. Ted went to Catalina almost every weekend..some stories about cooking a cake on the way over...Left Fellows and Stewart (Terminal Island) at 1000 every Saturday and sailed back from Howland's at 1300 every Sunday. (Slight over statement as other Islands and anchorages also were visited). When Ted acquired Dorado from Don Douglas Tempest was available so Arnold Eddy bought her and used her in the Boy's Camp activities at Howlands. We borrowed used sails from Lew Whitney's Attorante and raced her a bit. Eventually we upgraded the inventory and had a great time in the late 50"s and early 60's when all seven boats were active in Southern California. Tempest has had two owners since the Eddy Family. Both lived on the boat. The most recent owner has sailed her in San Diego and usually takes a trip in August up to the Channel Islands. She has been kept in excellent shape. In the past two years she has stopped at Howlands/Isthmus on Labor Day weekend...did not see her this year. Tempest has resided at Dana Point for several years. Am not sure if she is still there at this time. I have lost track of the current owner.
Cholita..after Jim Arness Cholita was owned by Keith Lilster in San Diego. Fred Libhert owned Amorita about the same time and campaigned her in San Diego. Jim Eddy


Oct 27, 2007, 1:38 PM

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Re: [Chris.McKesson] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Does anyone know who owns Pegasus now and whether she is still based in Sauselito?

For a full discussion of the CAL32 compared to the NEW YORK32 see

There is no doubt as I had long suspected that the CAL is marginally faster than the NY. Looks is a matter of opinion but the shorter house and more accentuated sheer make the NY beauty queen in my view in a run off.


Oct 28, 2007, 5:00 PM

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Re: [patmatthiesen] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Seeing the photos of AMORITA's underbody on Pat's website reminds me of a 1950's Huntington Tidelands Race from Newport to LA Harbor and return. Somewhere off Seal Beach ALTAMAR came chugging by to leeward, well heeled on port tack in the freshening afternoon westerly. I was down to leeward and commented to my father "why is their propellor spinning?"

Sure enough, on port tack, the Cal-32's 3-bladed prop was clear of the water and freewheeling in the wind. It always bothered me that such a beautifully designed hull had to drag such a fixture as a solid 3-blade. No wonder the PCC's were faster in the lighter stuff.

I notice like the Cal-32's, the NY-32's also had off center props, created by angling the engine on its bed. I guess there was no other way in those days, before feathering and folding props, to deal with the prop drag. But if I was match racing a Cal-32 vs. a NY 32, I'd want to make sure I had folding two blade in place before the start.



Oct 28, 2007, 5:12 PM

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Re: [sleddog] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Regarding feathering/folding props I believe Andale has one and some were fitted from the start.
It has always mystified me why it was necessary to have an offset prop with all the problems of prop walk and impossible reversing. Back in the early 70s I had a Class III RORC designed by Robert Clark in 1956. He got round the aperture problem by having the shaft come out at the top of the blade and inches offset from the shaft in a blister piece of wood which thus did not wreaken the stern knee structure. On the inside you could not tell the stuffing box was not cetered. It worked just fine and you only lost traction if your were motoring pitching into a VERY short sea.


Oct 28, 2007, 6:42 PM

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Re: [patmatthiesen] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Pat: First memories for me racing against Cal 32's in S.Cal in early '50's. My father was skipper of what, to my young eye, was an almost exact sister of the Cal 32's. The name of this boat was BAGATELLE and she sported an "FIS" on her main. I understood she was a Herreshoff design, 43.7' LOA, 31.7' LWL, and 10.6' B, built in 1930 (?) at Herreshoff Manufacturing. Her speed was such that she often raced the Cal-32's boat for boat.

I have many photos of BAGATELLE here in the "museum" and wonder if she was a Fishers Island Sloop (Fishers Island 31) designed by Sidney Herreshoff, father of Halsey? I believe BAGATELLE was restored in the recent past, and featured in Wooden Boat, but do not have that info. Any enlightenment appreciated.



Oct 29, 2007, 2:56 AM

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Re: [sleddog] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Sledogg:you have just proved a point that I have always maintained! As you know Potter worked at Hereshoff. I believe the Cal 32 lines are inspired by the Newport 29 or the Bar Harbor 31 very old designs around the turn of the century which have some similarities of lines and keel drag with the CAL as I think I mentioned in my S&S website article. The FIS you mention was the Fisher Island 31 a truly gorgeous boat on which I have the suspicion Potter may have worked before coming out west. This was a true cruiser - racer for family use. I cannot remember how many were built, about 5 I think, beautifully constructed. They were pretty fast and one was extensively written up in Wooden Boat after she was converted to masthead rig which apparently gave her aditional oomph. So I am interested to learn that the Fisher Island could keep up with the CAL. NY32s on the east coast claim they can beat a Fisher Island but what has become apparent is that a well sailed CAL32 has the potential to leave a NY32 in its wake and even Olin Stephens, himself, has come to the same opinion having watched the racing in the Med.


Nov 21, 2007, 10:43 PM

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Re: [patmatthiesen] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Cal32's were not alone racing in S.CAL waters in the 50's. There was a strong fleet of wooden hulled boats with colorful owners. Lapworth was just getting his start. Peggy Slater raced with her golden retriever. Ash Bown had a young skiny kid named Dennis Conner in his crew. Spade rudders had not yet appeared. Spinnakers still had wire luffs. And two speed winches were in the future. Here's some boat names remembered from those glory days. Feel free to add to the list.



Nov 22, 2007, 4:43 AM

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Re: [sleddog] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Hi Sledogg. Many of those names are so familiar. I had no idea that Roland van Bremen had been on the West Coast. She features in the inimitable Uffa Fox books. Barlovento, Good News and Chubasco idem. Chubasco is still close to LA I believe. What happenned to the other two? Gamin a sistership of Nova, I believe, was last in poor shape near Pt.Townsend. Orient is a Scout training ship and Santana is in excellent health in Pt. Richmond
Is STARLIGHT the S & S boat. If so where is she now? Ditto with Landfall. If this is the 1935 S&S design she now belongs to a friend of mine in Sydney, Australia
I find it strange that the CAL32 derivative Pegasus does not appear in the Master Mariner's line up. has she left Sausalito?


Dec 4, 2007, 3:59 PM

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Re: [matthiesen] Cal 32's - Where are they now?



Dec 5, 2007, 1:51 AM

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Re: [sleddog] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Ok. Then it must have been the second GAMIN a replacement which was an S & S based on NOVA which was recently for sale in deteriorating condition cheap in the Pacific NW which would make her built I guess in 1962-3.

bob leslie

Dec 6, 2007, 7:14 AM

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Re: [patmatthiesen] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

There has been mention of Fred Smales in this thread. I knew Fred very well in Hawaii between 1971 and 1980, he was President of Cyprus Hawaiian Cement and sailed a 50 foot S&S aluminum sloop whose name I cannot recall.

Anyone know if he is still around ?

Bob Leslie


Jul 17, 2008, 7:39 AM

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Re: [bob leslie] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

ANDALE - Ed Lorence, NHYC, owned Andale last.

She has just been sold, in the last month or two. She was shipped across continent by truck, and loaded on a freighter this week, bound for Italy. Upon arrival in Italy she will be sailed to France, her new home.


Jul 17, 2008, 10:55 AM

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Re: [mcc1151] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Tempest is in Dana Point, in great shape.


Jul 17, 2008, 11:36 AM

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Re: [matthiesen] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I think Gamin went on the beach near Cabo San Lazaro in the 1961 Acapulco race, spinnaker up at night, and right into the sand. Not sure if this was the same boat.


Aug 6, 2008, 10:25 AM

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Re: [FinBeven] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I crewed on Andale C32 #7 for 7 years. Lost track and good to see that someone knows where she is. I did hear she holed and sunk in San Diego a number of years back, then brought up and restored. Bill Stewart, StFYC SF Bay owned her while she was here in the Bay (1965-1970's) then sold her and she headed south in the 70's. Alamitos Bay - rarely get down there but I'll put your msg in my small memory bank and hopefully get to see her one day. Thanks, Scotty

Virginia Jones

Aug 7, 2008, 5:30 PM

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Re: [Scotty388] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

ALTAMAR is currently at the Traditional Boat Works yard in San Diego awaiting a new owner. Although she is a large project, a lot of boat (and her shape) remains. Traditional Boat Works is owned by Douglas Jones, who substantially rebuilt ANDALE for Doug Smith, and did much of the work on COTTON BLOSSOM II for Dennis Conner. Doug would be pleased to provide further information and details about the scope of the project, and show the boat to any serious prospective owner. Traditional Boat Works can be reached at 619-542-1229.

Ginny Jones (Doug's mother)


Aug 8, 2008, 8:43 AM

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Re: [Kasey] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I would like to know where in France she will be berthed. Would you by chance have Lorence ohone or email address? Thanks for the update. Scotty


Jan 6, 2009, 4:57 AM

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Re: [Scotty388] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Hi Scotty,

I am the new happy owner of Andale. I have carried her by road from California to Florida last June and sent her by cargo to Genoa (Italy) in July. She is now based in Marseille where I live. She is a very good boat and got quite famous very quickly here in her new Yacht Club.
The question you may ask is "Was she heart during the transport ?" Much less than any one would believe, but she suffered a beat. Nothing major except paint scraches, one wood crak on the free board and that's about it. I actually suffered more than the boat myself and could not sleep for several nights while she was on the road. The relief was so great when we reached Marseille harbour. What an accomplishment ... and Andale in good shape !

Now she will be sailing along with her two sister ships "Amorita" and "Cholita" on the Med Classic regatta circuit, like in the great days !

I am very glad to be able speak to one her crew member.I have not much information on her past racing history. I only know she has won The Lipton Cup three years in a roll in 1956-57-58. She did very well in many other races. Would you have any information on that ?

A recent picture taken in Marseille waters here in attached; As you can see, she still makes people happy.

Looking foward to hear you.



Jan 7, 2009, 3:23 PM

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Re: [mcc1151] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I think you have some of the sail numbers wrong. This is the way I know it:

1. Cholita - Fully restored and actively racing on the Mediterranean.
Altamar - In San Diego in need of a massive restoration.
3. Tempest - Dana Point, CA?
Escapade - Destroyed in a storm in Hawaii
5. Amorita - Fully restored and actively racing on the Mediterranean.
6. Attorante - holed and sunk in the 70's. RIP.
7. Andale - Now in Italy
8. Pegasus - Sausalito?

My family owned Amorita in Newport Beach from 1952 til 1957. I just got an message here from the new owner of Andale in the Med.

Larry S

M. Scott

Jul 7, 2009, 1:54 PM

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Re: [sleddog] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

In Reply To
Pat: First memories for me racing against Cal 32's in S.Cal in early '50's. My father was skipper of what, to my young eye, was an almost exact sister of the Cal 32's. The name of this boat was BAGATELLE and she sported an "FIS" on her main. I understood she was a Herreshoff design, 43.7' LOA, 31.7' LWL, and 10.6' B, built in 1930 (?) at Herreshoff Manufacturing. Her speed was such that she often raced the Cal-32's boat for boat.

I have many photos of BAGATELLE here in the "museum" and wonder if she was a Fishers Island Sloop (Fishers Island 31) designed by Sidney Herreshoff, father of Halsey? I believe BAGATELLE was restored in the recent past, and featured in Wooden Boat, but do not have that info. Any enlightenment appreciated.


I was searching for pictures of my family's former yacht, the Ficher's Island 31'8" known as 'Bagatelle', designed and built by Nathaniel Herreshoff, in the years 1929 through 1933 (it WAS the 'depression'), and I ran across this response from 'sleddog'.

I will give you some details from the 1970's, in hopes that it may reach this person.

My family purchased this little ship in November 1974, from a private party out of Newport Beach, CA.
She was re-rigged by Lapworth in the early 1950's, so that she could compete in the Transpacific races, so perhaps this is the sailing recollection of 'sleddog', as she underwent her trials off of perhaps Oxnard, the Long Beach Breakwater, or perhaps even Newport Beach.

The owner's name was Wilford Zinsmeyer.

She came in second overall in 1956, I think...

She was sold to a movie producer from Hollywood, who intended to do a documentary in the South Seas, and was totally redone, with several changes, including the teak/holly decks, interior, and the addition of an on-board freezer...and the 6 cylinder diesel with a 250 gallon fuel capacity...about $150,000.00 of additions, as I was told...

The financing fell through after several long years, and my father purchased Her for the paltry sum of $26,500.00, in late '74.

I understand that the late Barry Goldwater owned her during a few years in the 1960's...

Dad and Barry had one thing in common: they both worked for HHH!

The first thing that struck me as she was sitting on the ways in Newport beach was her enormous externally-ballasted keel (12,000 lbs), and her cutaway forefoot, as well as the total draft (6 and a half feet). She could beat to windward as fast as any, and the 45 degree-to-the-wind aspect was like a race-horse, champing at the bit...

Of COURSE, Lapworth was only interested in the broad reach to run aspects, as he designed her rig to take part in the downwinded Transpac...with double 'running backstays'...78 feet her mast was, above the deck...LAPWORTH WAS, OVERALL, A SINGLE-MINDED PUTZ, with only one monetary issue (how much can I profit?), unlike the Herreshoffs (except for 'Halsey', a like-minded profiteer!)...

As a teen-ager, I purchased a little pram called the Montgomery 6'8", as a tender for her, out of my allowance, and designed and built the sailing rig for it (total cost: $450.00).
This pram fit rather well over the foredeck...

The knotmeter that was installed only read from 0 to 12, and there were many times that we pegged it, on a close reach, with only 80% jib, and about 18 to 20 knots of wind...

I cannot give you any details past the year 1979, as that is when we sold her.

I had a wonderful time growing up with this beautiful yacht as my surrogate 'mentor', and she taught me the beauty of power, grace, and a healthy respect for the ocean.

HOW is this for 'scuttlebutt'?
It's all true, you must know. I could not make this stuff up...

- Montgomery Scott


Apr 30, 2011, 11:24 PM

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Re: [Chris.McKesson] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Hi Chris and all,

I am contacting you in relation of PEGASO, the Cal. 32 # 8 built by Cheoy Lee in Hong Kong, as I am searching for more information on the boat, and even Cheoy Lee idon't seem to have any information on her. I would specifically be interested in contacts to folks / institutions who have plans, photos and / or drawings of PEGASO, as we may become the new custodians and restore her.

As we're located down-under Iin Adelaide I would very much appreciate detailed and precise contact info, esp. email, so that I can follow up al the leads and assemble the puzzle. If any of you has anything to share on PEGASO you may also contact me directly at (yep, kraut living in Oz - couldn't get further away from the Reeperbahn...Tongue).

Thank you very much in advance for your kind help, and if you have any questions please let me know.

Cheers, Florian


May 1, 2011, 7:05 AM

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Re: [prenzi] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

PEGASO is in San Francisco California, and she is actively for sale at a low price.

She is in poor condition, having been used as a liveaboard for some years. She was offered to me and I really wanted to buy her, but unfortunately I am not able to undertake a restoration project of that magnitude.

I would love to see her saved, so if you are interested in her I would be happy to do what I can to facilitate that. I am a few thousand miles closer than you are - <smile>

She pulls hard upon my heartstrings every time I see her.


May 1, 2011, 2:28 PM

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Re: [Chris.McKesson] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

G'day Chris,

thank you for your kind reply. We've found PEGASO a few weeks ago as offered for sale, were smitten by her lines, and I am in contact with the broker in the UK. However, he hasn't see the boat himself either, so canot really tell us anything more than what is indicated in the ads on eg I agree with you that at the moment she looks a bit sad. We've been looking for a restauration project for quite some time, and this could be it.

What I would like to understand is the extend of structural work required on PEGASO, ie deck replacement, deck beams, frames, keel bolts, rig Was that always steel/aluminium, or is that a later addition ?) etc. We're not so concerned about "the cosmetics" required, as this is mainly a labour of love; it's the big-ticket items that are crucial to know. What we're looking for is someone who would be able to survey PEGASO and / or obtain the required info from the current owners, or just have an "educated look" and give us a guesstimate. We're aware that she has been used as liveaboard for an extended period of time, and I have a number of images that I could provide you with and ask some specific questions re. the content - can you send me your email adress, so that we can get in touch directly ? Mine is, and I am also available on Skype at florian.wolf37 - if you send me an invite we're in touch at no costs and can talk at length.

Why do we like PEGASO ? Well, back in Europe I crewed on Germania VI for a number of years, and while Germania VI being a racing yawl & not a sloop the overall lines are very similar. Jonathan from Chey Lee in HK mentioned that it could be that PEGASO initially was Nick Potter's personal yacht - could this be the case, or was Nick just commissioning some changes at Cheoy Lee ? Jon is still going through Cheoy Lee's archives, and it seems that they have at least located "a Cal-32" in their files. As I am also collecting Biedermeier furniture what immediately appealed to me as well is the symmetrical use of the veneer on deck. PEGASO, being built as a prototype at Cheoy Lee for a whole series of boats based on her design, must have been a showpiece in her heydays; we believe she has the potential to get back to that state, but it's going to take a number of years.

Fortunately (very fortunately, indeed) my wife is at least as keen to get her hands on PEGASO as I am; while I believe she is at the moment not so much aware of the magnitude of the job ahead this is in principle a very good constellation and could help us getting through the long journey ahead of us Cool.

Thank you very much for your kidnd help, and if would be nice to hear from you.

Cheers from Adelaide,



Jun 10, 2011, 10:45 AM

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Re: [prenzi] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I've been researching Nicolas Potter and am looking for any information on his time at Wilmington Boatworks in the early 1930's. I am currently restoring one of 3 ocean racers he built at Wilbo with Hugh Angelman. She is in San Diego. I believe this design is a precurser to the Cal 32. Very similar hull design 42' LOA but with a very high aspect ketch rig.

The boat's name is Ariadne and we believe the Nely Bly was a sister and the third was sunk in Hawaii, but these are only rumors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all.


Aug 1, 2011, 8:10 PM

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Re: [sleddog] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

My Dad purchased Bagatelle from Zinsmeyer in the early '60s. It was berthed at L.A. Yacht Club until he sold her in the mid '70s. Zinzmeyer had her re-rigged by in the '50s after he brought her from the Great Lakes. Kenny Watts was one of the crew and the re-rigging team. She campaigned very successfully throughout the '50s and early '60s and held the corrected time record for the Ensenada race for a number of years.


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Re: [M. Scott] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

My father purchase Bagatelle from Zinsmeyer in the early '60s for $10,000. That was with a complete set of sails, most by Kenny Watts. She had been re-rigged to compete both in the Transpac (2nd overall) and locally. Watts (genius) was one of Zinsmeyer's crew helped with the re-rigging.

She held the record for Ensenada for a number of years. The year she won was very heavy weather, the kind that brought out the best.

My father sold her in the early '70s since my brother and I were had moved away and he was without a crew.

Zinsmeyer had purchased Bagatelle from the Great Lakes region and had her transported to L.A. where he did the re-rigging.
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Re: [ariadne] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

I remember ARIADNE at Newport Harbor in the 50's/60's. Her tall raked masts gave her away. Another Angleman/Wilbo design of the time was the 55' yawl SILHOUETTE II, built in '33. I doubt NELLY BLY, a Vernon Langille design was related to either. NB was small replica of a Grand Banks fishing schooner, with a tucked up stern, and meant to fish cod. She was trucked west, painted black, and sailed by the Ed Warmington family. NB was a staysail schooner, and on a reach showed a good turn of speed, winning the 1969 Ensenada Race overall.



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Re: [Scotty388] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

This has been a fun trip down memory lane. I grew up sailing on many of these different boats, as Ed and Keith Lorence are my father and Uncle. Feel free to contact me (private message) and I will pass on any contact information to them. I speak to both of them regularly and I'm sure, depending on the situation, one, or both of them will contact you as soon as time permits.

Please pardon me if this is out of line. I just joined the board and didn't read all the rules, so if you have to delete the post I certainly won't be offended. But given the spirit of the exchanges on this board, I thought I might make a shameless plug for my uncle Keith, whose debut Fab Opus "Back When sailing was fun..." Is a available on -

All admitted family biases aside, it really does capture the general spirit of those Halcion days of yacht racing, and quite accurately from what my memory can recall. Again, I hope I wasn't breaking any bylaws by posting that link up. I just wanted to make this post before I get busy with my day forget about it altogether. Then I remembered Keith's book, which it seems to me some of you may have shared in some of the anecdotes and exploits and he wrote about.

Best Always-
D. Lorence

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Re: [hypocrite23] Cal 32's - Where are they now?

Can anyone put me in touch with who owns the Cholita... I am a sailor in NJ I own a Latitude 46 Tofinou 7m, and just purchased a pair of ships clock and barometer, the clock has engraved on the bezel (it is the right 1930's era clock) Cholita 1937 on it. I was researching the history, and think it might have come from this boat... and was pleased to see she was still sailing,

I have the clock on my desk right now, ticking away running like a "clock"... has a lovely quiet chime to it...

My "Mystical" our boat we purchased from a scrap yard after Hurricane Sandy, and redid her, here are some pics, but would love to catch up to the owner of Cholita.

Stephen 732-310-2520
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