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Best Sailing Watch?


May 30, 2006, 7:49 AM

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Best Sailing Watch?

Anyone got a reccomendation for a cheap sailing watch? Mostly looking for a countdown timer.

Atilla The Hun

May 30, 2006, 1:40 PM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

a few pro amaturers i know highly reccommend the musto watch however

Musto Competition Watch As of 08/06/2005 discontinued by Musto
so I suppose the replacement must be better see

but if your looking for really cheap head to your discount store and just pick up anything that has a count down and is water resistant. I've gone through a good few watches lately but its not too bad when they are only 10euro kid watches from Argos (ireland/uk discount store)


Jun 8, 2006, 6:21 AM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

I use a Timex Ironman for everything, including sailing. The countdown timer is easy to use and that is all I need.


Jun 16, 2006, 9:53 AM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

Suunto is complicated, but it is great! See the SW article this month


Jun 16, 2006, 11:46 AM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

What do you call "cheap"? Under $50? Under $100? Under $500?

I, too, use a Timex Ironman--I think it cost about 49 bucks several years ago--but I occasionally forget how to set it (like when the attention horn sounded 45 seconds ago)...
--Steve Greatrex
Soverel 33 R. Honey Bear
Coronado, California


Jun 16, 2006, 12:26 PM

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Re: [sugargeorge] Best Sailing Watch?

Another vote for the Timex Ironman. You can buy it at Target, cheap to replace, and start/stop buttons on top (rather than the side which can get pushed by jacket sleeve cuff).


Jun 18, 2006, 4:18 AM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

Ronstan make an easy to use big number display watch. Check it out.


Jun 23, 2006, 5:14 AM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

The Ronstan is very good and only 75,00 euros,it has a big display which can be removed from the strap and attached anywhere on the boat.


Jul 9, 2006, 8:17 PM

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Re: [Kaptn-Hannes] Best Sailing Watch?

I recommend the Suunto. Time, alarm, countdown and much more. Not cheap, but worth it.;bmUID=1152501287200

Weekend Warrior

Jul 17, 2006, 8:43 PM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

The best sailing watches are from Optimum Time, available in the U.S. at Check them out.
G. E. Kriese


Jul 20, 2006, 8:24 AM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

I recently got a Gill digital-analog watch that I really like. Its not cheap, but easy to use.

Alun James

Jul 26, 2006, 1:10 AM

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Re: [TWG] Best Sailing Watch?

I had the Musto and the display faded after about 18 months of normal wear and regularish harbour racing - really disappointed. It cost me about NZD $350 or about 200 USD so should have gone the distance a bit more.

A poular watch on the yacht I race on a a nice cheap one by Casio - not sure of the model number but it does tide cycles as well.

I have my eye on the Suunto Yachtsman for a christmas present as it has all of the above plus 72 hours worth of barometric trend as well. A friend of mine who was on Newscorp in the previous Volvo criticised it though for having small digits - the Musto was good in that respect.

If you want to go APE then the Suunto M9 has a GPS in the bargain as well - but again - not cheap.

I had a look on the oceanracing site quoted earlier and some of the digital watches appear to have displays VERY similar to the Musto - so it may pay to extract a decent guarantee from the vendor...

Caveat Emptor otherwise.

Weekend Warrior

Jul 26, 2006, 11:12 AM

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Re: [Alun James] Best Sailing Watch?

Alun – Good eye! I own and digital watches we sell are from Optimum Time which used to be the private brand watch supplier to Musto.

I’ve owned and used several “sailing watches” in the last few years. One was a Sunnto Mariner which I think is far too complicated and not tough enough. I’ve had a couple Casio’s which were cheap and reliable, but didn’t have a programmed ISAF countdown function or a large, readable daylight display.

Regarding the watches from Optimum Time that we market, they did indeed private brand watches for Musto and yes, there were some problems. However Optimum Time has done a suburb job of improving their product quality. I’ve been using one of the last plastic case Musto competition watches (same as the Digital Sailing Timer, charcoal on our website) and I can report that it’s worked flawlessly for over 3 years. I’ve used it in the ocean, on the Farr 40 I crewed on and my Etchells. I replaced the battery once, love the 5 minute ISAF countdown sequence, loud audible signals & the large, easy to read display.

We’re stocking the 3 most popular models which I think represent an excellent value and are fully backed by Optimum Time. If you prefer an analog watch, check out our Swiss made Ocean Racing Offshore watch.

Good sailing,

Weekend Warrior

G. E. Kriese

Alun James

Jul 26, 2006, 2:35 PM

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Re: [Weekend Warrior] Best Sailing Watch?

Good eyes indeed - I surprise myself sometimes.

I gather from your post that you would be happy to offer a 3 year return to base guarantee for display failures then...?

Alun James

Jul 26, 2006, 2:42 PM

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Re: [Weekend Warrior] Best Sailing Watch?

To be fair to weekend warrior and the crew from Ocean Racing - IF in fact the displays have been sorted out then I would STRONGLY recommend the Optimum timepieces. The ISAF countdown (5,4,1) is great giving loud and varied signals on the approach to the minutes.

In the last minute on the approach to zero there is a signal every 15 secs and then a VERY insistent signal in the last 5 secs to zero - pretty hard to miss. Then it kicks straight into stopwatch mode.

A good watch and well worth the money being asked.

Weekend Warrior

Jul 30, 2006, 2:53 PM

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Re: [Alun James] Best Sailing Watch?


Thanks for the kind words on the functionality of the Optimum sailing watches. We think they’re the best, and that’s why we sell them. Very reliable, they’re also covered by a 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship, etc.

Weekend Warrior
G. E. Kriese

The Publisher

Jul 31, 2006, 7:28 AM

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Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

Scuttlebutt Polls:
(July 27-31, 2006) Scuttlebutt put the suggestions in this thread to a vote. As the price range and features varied amongst the watches discussed, we asked the voters what they felt was the best watch for the weekend sailboat racer, regardless of cost? Here are the results:

  • Timex Ironman 30.98%
  • Casio 22.55%
  • Suunto 21.74%
  • Ronstan 10.60%
  • Musto 7.07%
  • Gill 4.08%
  • Optimum Time 2.99%

    Note: Looking at the top two vote-getters, it is likely that cost and brand familiarity might have factored in. Also, we understand that Opitmum Time was making the watch for Musto (which is now discontinued), so you could argue that the votes from those two brands might be combined.

  • Here are links to view the watches:

    Sailing Pro Shop (Various)
    Team One Newport (Various)
    Ocean Racing (Optimum Time)
    Musto (Musto)

    Below are comments that some of the voters offered, though not all mention the watch they voted for:

    • I big numbers on the second display helps old farts like me. Quick reset.
    • They don''t make it anymore!!!
    • Any SEIKO diver, automatic, no batteries,pure quality, 100% reliable
    • cheap, reliable and easy to use
    • M3 is awesome!!!
    • None of the above.
    • The Seiko Sports 100 (yachtmaster) watch released in the 80''s is still the best watch hands down. It is a great pity it has been discontinued. All the additional gimmicks (other than time related) on the current range of "yachting" watches are just that; "gimmicks" and of little real value to a racing sailor.
    • wildy ugly, but reliable and readable...

    • I have and like the Gill, but the blue start/stop button can''t be trusted on mine or 2 other friends'' watches. Finally, for style and unexpected use, how about the TNG (british tack and gybe)model?
    • Hadn''t seen the Optimum Time before. I want one.
    • G-Shock
    • But the cheapest watch that is reasonably durable and waterproof and that has a light up dial feature. Get one with minutes and seconds but don''t obsess over all the crap that might be offered. You don''t need a palm pilot on your wrist, nor do you need a camera, a cell phone or GPS. You need to know what time it is (ie: when do you have to get up to go on watch) and perhaps you need to have a stop watch feature, but then why not just have a separate stop watch. Keep a watch simple and easy to use.
    • where is citizen?
    • big letters, easy to use, stlyish enough for everyday. The only watch you need.
    • It works
    • love the large display. Had several Optimums and they failed. poor battery life. Ronstan seems so far to be much more robust
    • I have a titanium solar powered version that is bullit proof
    • Simple, easy to catch up if you miss a hoorn or flag; great battery life
    • The count up and count down plus night light and big letters is all that is necessary. I have worn one for 15+ years and only change out the battery every 4 or 5 years; Cheap at Costco...
    • I own the Yachtsman ... awesome watch.
    • K.I.S.S
    • Casio Sea-Pathfinder rules!!!!!! I have a Suunto also-it sucks!!!!!
    • quick and easy to use
    • sync feature is gr8
    • Have had Casio G-Shock 200M maybe 15 years Swim and sail with it all the time. Its a tough watch.
    • Sea Pathfinder: versatile countdown timer, compass, barometer, $135
    • Great all around watch, the G-shock also comes with tide graph, the buttons are recessed, so no accidental hits.Great count down and lap counter. Coupled with a velcro band is good even over wetsuit sleeves. Velcro bands are great, as it takes breaking both watch pins before you lose the whole watch.
    • big digits, easy handling, no gimmicks
    • Certainly the best watch for sailboat racer. You have everything you need to make competitive tactic. On my opinion, the only problem is the way to use it: not so easy...
    • Bought a Casio Sea Pathfinder for 30euro in Argos. 100m Water Resistant.
    • Has a countdown that counts up to get race length. And it will tell u the moon period and tide stage of your home location.
    • Simple and cheap. I have used these watches in various versions for years for both sailing and running events. I bought my current Ironman for $3.00 on ebay ($4.00 S&H) and it still going strong after 2 years. How can you beat that? Answer: free shipping
    • Big numbers easy to use
    • You forgot to include the Citizen Sail Hawk
    • Nothing else has the versatility an ability of the Suunto line, I have the Yachtsman. Its a bit complex, you have to concentrate on learning what it can do but it can do more than anything else.
    • I use an older citizen stars and stripes (now my second one... an ebay special) but I have yet to find a really good watch for sailing. My watch and the Suunto are too easily tripped to stop or start when flexing the wrist... The Ronstan is ugly as sin and could never be worn by a weekend racer without receiving at least a few comments.. (Heck, I got comments for the Suunto I used to use). The Gill is annoying (I don''t like the lcd/ hand overlay. So i guess the Ironman has given me some of the best luck, having its start/stop on the top and being wearable away from sailing.
    • You left out a great watch, the Citizen Sailhawk. it is a great watch with lots of great features
    • The first watch I found with the 5,4,1 start sequence in it!
    • rugged, inexpensive and lasts for years. I always replace the plastic strap with a velcro one after losing a watch during a jibe.
    • Must be a yactman all others are too complicated.
    • Just purchased the new Suunto. Large read out. As always, too many features but once you figure out what you need it is easy to use.
    • Best feature is easy one button countdown timer start.
    • If it goes overboard - just get another - likewise when the battery finally runs out!
    • The range of functions on my G-Shock - including tide and multiple countdown timers - at a $100 pricepoint make this the best value without the absurd size and price of a Suunto. IMHO. Dan Phelps
    • The older the better. Newer versions of the watch - which have some great features - have weak buttons that can sheer off when you are scrambling across the deck.
    • The Suunto M3 has great big numbers, is easily syncronized, and then (if you want it) counts up for the race length so you can figure out how you stand for time on time handicap.
    • I tried the Gill. It is typical Chinese product. Buttons glitchy, can''t see the thing, bezel locked up quickly, paint chipped off bezel numbers within weeks, back to the old Ironman.
    • Cheap (no tears if you lose it overboard), easy to (re)program the count-down timer (in case the RC uses the old 3 minute countdown rather than the more recently imposed system from ISAF). Also if the watch dies, you can usually get another one just like it (so you''re not up all night learning how to program yet another gizmo) at a Wally-World near whatever regatta venue you''re at.
    • Very good watch
    • Cheap and bomb proof. If you loose it overboard you don''t have to break the bank for a new one.
    • simple to use, big numbers, audio alarms. Works great
    • Love the big clear display. Easy to reset when you miss the gun. Really tough, elastic wristband is a great idea. Not too expensive for the average sailor. I have owned the Gill watch, very unimpressed, threw it out! Used to wear the timex as my basic watch.
    • Suunto Regatta. It''s a plain and simple watch to use. You don''t need a Ph.D. to figure the thing out. Leave it to the Finns to simplify the sailboat racing world.
    • Clear Start-the big fat one that you can put on the boom, mast or wear it. it is great for big or small boat starts. with or without beeps, rolling starts or not, 5 minute, 3 minute and other sequences preprogrammed.
    • Counts down accurately, easy to read. That is all you need.
    • This watch is simply the best!
    • multiple settings for count down timer, count-down repeat is great for rolling starts and recalls.
    • Can set count-down, count-up for elapsed time. Multiple chronographs. Next to industructible. And, best of all, very inexpensive.
    • big, easy to set and read.
    • Easy to read, easy to program, repeating countdown. And the price makes it disposable.
    • Timex Ironman - hands down favorite regardless of price!
    • This was the perfect watch as it had the right features without a lot of extras you don''t need/use. Though mine crashed and had to be sent back to the store, many of my sailing cohorts have them and they work great. For the price this is the best I found Am waiting for the new version.
    • G Shock WR 200M Solar Powered Atomic Time Setting
    • Casio Yacht Timer with countdown repeat is the best sailing watch ever made. Sadly out of production for a long time.
    • The Ironman comes in a couple of models. The base model has up and down timers that can roll over and up, its waterproof and has a great back lighting system for distance racing. Its also cheap enough to drop overboard from the bow and not get upset. Its ugly, but switch out for the party.
    • Any casio with the progress beeper function. I even found one with extra-large numbers. Unfortunately, I belive Casio has now reconfigured their product line, and these are hard to find.
    • And I couldn''t beat the price. For half the cost of one of those big ones with the sync button, I can get 2 Casios, set one to 5 minutes and one to 4 minutes and be just ready!
    • whichever watch you choose it is worthless without a reapeat timer
    • Large numbers,repeat countdown,waterproff, idiot proof.
    • Simple and inexpensive. Good inshore and offshore
    • Ronstan design & functions are excellent, but watch is too sensitive to touch & moisture
    • Timex Ironman is not sensitive (a real sport watch) - has great functions and is extremely reliable
    • Cheap, easy to use and hard as nails. They do keep on ticking.
    • Simple, effective, not too costly. Perfect.
    • You forgot the Citizen "Yachtsman" watch! Best timers with 5 min. 10 min. and 15 minute count-down Starter functions. Both visual and audible. I think it is even endorsed by Dennis Connor. $250 range but only good for 2 to 3 seasons before the buttons start sticking!
    • M3 Large numerals plus all the usual features. I need reading glasses in order to read my old watch!
    • Price really is important
    • Economical, useful 24/7, utilitarian.
    • M3 by Suunto is the best. Looks big, but is very light and tne numbers are readable, even with polarized shades. I have had them all...this is the best. Discounted all over the internet, too.
    • It would be more useful if you gave the specific website for each model you would have us choose between. Otherwise, owning only one sailing watch, how would I know if a better on existed? I am voting for Casio only because they had the best diving watch, which of course they no longer make because no one was aware that it was truely the absolute best one on the face of the planet or under its surface. Lets do this pole again?
    • I use my Gill watch as my everyday watch (stainless band) as well as my race timer. The switch from analog to digital is fast and simple and the large display is great for older eyes.
    • While all these watches provide usefull data and functions. They all lack in the image is everything catagory. I propose another discussion on the best sailing watch: Rolex, Corum, Panerai, Ulysse Nardin?
    • Need BIG, BIG numbers. I currently have a Ironman. It was cheaper that most others, and on sale at Mervyn''s. I wear it daily. It had the largest numbers I could find at the time. But during the last Lido nationals, when the critical last few seconds were clicking down, my over 40+ year old eyes failed me and had a hardtime seeing the numbers.
    • GREAT SURVEY. I notice most of the watch specs, only mention large numbers, the Optimum gives the dimensions, 10 & 16 mm. Ronstan also sells their model.
    • has countdown...simple and cheap
    • I think the Citizen yacht timmer watch is the best, I have not seen them in a few years but mine is 15 yrs old and still ticking.
    • can operate easily with full gloves
    • With the Musto a close second due to price.
    • Perfect for the visually impaired. Can be worn on the wrist or on the mast of a small dinghy. Audible alerts are awesome as well.
    • OVA
    • I chose this only because the Elvstrom Lemania is not on the list. The best watch by far.
    • Suunto Yachtsmen - The good: big numbers, easy to read, countdown time is easy to set and sync to the start requence. The digital compass is good for tracking gains/losses to other boats like with a handbearing compass. There is no annoying leveling bubble in the cnter. The not-so-good: the buttons aren''t labeled and their functions are a little hard to remember and use. The leather strap (gets/stays wet) doesn''t make a lot of sense on a marine watch; synthetic would be better.
    • complicated but good
    • As a Laser sailor, Ronstan''s break too easily. I use Musto now, but it is bad for Left-handed people. Watch has to be relatively cheap, because watches can get lost or dissapear
    • cheap and disposable
    • All the guts without the glamour...
    • Timex Ironman - $30 at K-Mart, simple functions and easy to set/reset, you can''t beat. Now, if I can only talk one of my crew members into using it (correctly), life would be great. BTW: my Rolex is pretty to look at but it''s not for starting races :)
    • works and it was free
    • If the battery dies or the band gets groady just throw it away and buy another for about $30.
    • cheap and basically disposable
    • Casio Illuminator-- Good countdown with digital sweep
    • Fabric strap with Velcro and locking clip is really secure
    • Suuto Mariner
    • I love to look and functionality of the Musto but I cannot find a US retailer. How can I buy this watch???
    • suunto regatta is amazing
    • The Casio G SHOCK provides Continuous countdown in any unit you choose ( 3,5 or any other unit)making this a very inexpensive and phenomenally accurate yacht watch. The audible signal is too weak for my ears, but I only need to adjust a few seconds every six months to stay with the atomic clock
    • like both opti time & ronstan "VERY LARGE" displays
    • The combination of countdown, race timer along with compass to orient yourself at a new venue, and barometer graph to keep an eye on weather trend, and tide movement is just awsome.
    • M-3 Costs about $150. Can count down for any minute setting (not just 3,5, 10.(for dingy races, we use 2 min. sequence.) Can sync down or to nearest minute. Large easy to read numbers. Also, works as a great daily watch. Fairly comfortable for its size. I now use it as my regular watch. Does not have barometer, compass, GPS etc.
    • yachtsman''s rock
    • the bomb
    • Sychronization is the best feature. All others pale.
    • $20 bucks, countdown as well as stopwatch and waterproof as well. I''ve used the Casio 50 meter for diving, racing and running for 20 plus years.
    • I enjoy the large clear digital display and the variable countdown capabilities, with or without alarms...
    • The Casio Module No. 2532 is the best watch I''ve ever owned. 6 alarm features , sailing start countdown with
    • too many other features to list and all for under $50 on the net. I''m on my second one.

    - Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt

    Paul V. Oliva

    Aug 1, 2006, 1:19 AM

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    Re: [The Publisher] Best Sailing Watch?

    Craig, thanks for publishing all the other comments. Interesting to read. Having spent a lot of time looking at watches that would serve as both a work and sailing watch, I've got to agree with the folks who chimed in about the Citizen Sailhawk / Stars and Stripes watches (I've got two), though I will definitely look seriously at the Ocean Racing offshore watch when the time comes. There are a few things I look for that others didn't mention, so (with apologies for the redundancies with the other posts in this thread and enthusiastic nods to the winning watches) I hope any watch manufacturers looking at this thread might consider what I look for:
    • Analog on a high contrast face with sweep second hand (that also works with the race countdown and stopwatch functions) for quick glance at the time / seconds; digital windows for precision and secondary information. Unfortunately the "eco-drive" solar face of the newer Citizen sailing watches doesn't provide nearly enough contrast, though the solar power is nifty. The Ocean Racing Offshore watch looks superior.
    • Big hands / lots of glow-in-the-dark so I can see it at night without using a hand to activate a light button--like for that endless night of actively hand steering with both hands in seas that were too steep for the autohelm to work (I'd love to see tritium glowing hands and hours like those Navy Seals watches that don't need to be charged under a light). Again, the newer Citizen sailing watches sometimes skimp on the luminous elements, and the Ocean Racing looks better.
    • Standard racing functions already talked about extensively in this thread: Race countdown timer that automatically switches to counting up plus a separate stopwatch plus a separate countdown timer
    • Multiple time zones: I travel, and I communicate with people in multiple time zones, so being able to switch across time zones is more helpful than I ever would have imagined (though I can't figure out why these watches can't keep track of switching between summer and winter time...).
    • Two separately programmable alarms: great for watchkeeping on passages, for anchor watch, for travel.
    • Water resistant to 10BAR (though I would wish for sufficient water resistance to use it for diving)
    • Styling that is appropriate for wearing with a suit--the Timex IronMan is a fantastic watch, but doesn't go as well from boardroom to the racecourse.
    • Availability of a long enough band to go around the outside of the foulie sleeve (who wants to dig out the watch from under the sleeve of the foulweather jacket and behind the gauntlet of the helming glove? I ultimately found an extra long and cool-looking though complicated strap at a dive shop, but geez manufacturers, can't you offer an extra-long band that is simple and secure to use? Am I alone out here on this one?)
    • Self-winding or solar power is nice
    • In the $100 to $400 range -- willing to pay this for a watch that will last and be so functional -- reluctant to pay much more because of the risk of damage

    Paul V. Oliva
    San Francisco

    Scott Redmon

    Aug 1, 2006, 8:58 AM

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    Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

    While many of the watches mentioned are excellent racing watches, the key words are "cheap" and "countdown timer". I have been using a Casio Illuminator for several years. It is a basic waterproof, sport watch. While the numbers are not large, they are sharp and easy to read in all light conditions. I like two things about the countdown timer. One, the timer display has time-of-day on top and the countdown on bottom (with larger numbers). Knowing the time-of-day for the race start, I can look at one display to know when to be near the starting line for the first gun and also have the timer ready to start. No switching back and forth between displays. Two, the timer beeps at intervals to provide auditory signals. Also, the watch is relatively thin. All for around $20. If you cannot find it at a store, order through the Casio website.


    Aug 1, 2006, 2:15 PM

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    Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

    Does anyone remember that sweet blue and silver sailing watch (Timex I think it was) that had the BIG RED button on it circa 1992ish?

    I loved that thing. Broke three times in the first year I had it but it was great. Used to be able to sync the minutes by pressing the red button, had a audible countdown timer as well.

    Miss that watch,
    (now using a Timex Ironman and a Freestyle Shark watch)

    The Publisher

    Aug 1, 2006, 9:02 PM

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    Re: [jdeus] Best Sailing Watch?

     My memory is that the watch to have in the 80's (and maybe early 90's) was the Memosail.

    - Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt


    Aug 1, 2006, 9:10 PM

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    Re: [The Publisher] Best Sailing Watch?

    Nope. It was almost rectangular and literally had a BIG RED BUTTON on the face. It came with a rubber watchband and an extention to put over foulies. I'll have to look for a picture somewhere on the internet.



    Aug 30, 2006, 1:10 PM

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    Re: [jdeus] Best Sailing Watch?

    You actually posted it before. The Casio Yacht Timer. Can't find a picture though.

    Good call,

    The Publisher

    Aug 30, 2006, 2:20 PM

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    Re: [jdeus] Best Sailing Watch?

    Googled this:

      tn[2].jpg (16.6 KB)


    Sep 30, 2006, 2:04 PM

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    Re: [jdeus] Best Sailing Watch?

    If anyone is looking for info on Optimum Time watches they are on our web page and should be at other dealers sites soon.


    Weekend Warrior

    Oct 5, 2006, 5:14 AM

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    Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

    Optimum Time sailing watches + lots of other cool holiday gift ideas are available at (a shamless plug for my website!)

    Edward Kriese
    aka "Weekend Warrior"
    G. E. Kriese


    Nov 26, 2006, 4:47 PM

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    Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

    I find that a cheap digital kitchen timer works best. You can set it quick, reset it, whatever. I also use it to wake me up every 15 minutes for long passages. Just stick it to the bulkhead. The current one has 1.5" numbers and is loud.
    Fair winds,
    Tony & Ellen

    Weekend Warrior

    Nov 27, 2006, 7:16 PM

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    Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

    30% off all watches now until Christmas at I also use mine for timming steaks on the barbie.

    Ho Ho Ho....
    G. E. Kriese

    The Publisher

    Sep 14, 2008, 5:43 AM

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    Re: [Weekend Warrior] Best Sailing Watch?

    Which is the best Racing Watch? recently looked at two watches. One from Optimum Time a simple functional watch this will do the job of counting down to a starting sequence. The second the Suunto X 10, much more expensive but with its internal GPS, will give you SOG and COG plus the ability to download the data from your sailing trip to your PC charting software. There are many others watches, some cool looking, and some functional. Tell us which is your favorite race watch?

    => Curmudgeon's Comment: It was over two years ago that we asked for watch preferences, and when we put the suggestions to a vote - wondering what was the best watch was for the weekend sailboat racer, regardless of cost - the Timex Ironman was the choice.

    How do we feel today? Reply in this thread to post your own latest opinion.


    Sep 14, 2008, 8:36 PM

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    Re: [The Publisher] Best Sailing Watch?

    In 2006, I answered this survey with a Timex Ironman choice. These days, I use a Freestyle Tide 2.0 ($85.00 at a local surf shop). The Tide 2.0 is digital with several countdown timers, chronograph (stopwatch), backlighting, multiple time zones, and both current tide and future tide information for worldwide locations.
    --Steve Greatrex
    Soverel 33 R. Honey Bear
    Coronado, California

    Geoff Newbury

    Sep 15, 2008, 7:22 PM

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    Re: [sugargeorge] Best Sailing Watch?

    I'm still using the Suunto M3. Great watch for racing with a number of nice features. Big BIG numbers that I can read with my contacts in. Can be set to any interval. Has a neat countdown synchronize feature which is great for when you miss the first gun by a few seconds: just synch down at the next gun. Can be set to countdown and repeat, or countdown then up, or just stop (good for eggs, I guess). And of course, any number of alarms, to wake you up, again and again, if necessary.


    Sep 16, 2008, 9:56 AM

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    Re: Best Sailing Watch?

    I have the Gill analog/digital. It's a good watch overall, especially if you are prone to missing the five minute gun (the countdown times start at 10, 6, 5 or 4 and you can switch easily).

    I have returned it to Gill for repair/replacement a couple of times - once when the reset button got stuck and once when the analog button came off. Gill made the repairs or replaced it and sent it back to me with no problem - and no paperwork.

    That said, I like the idea of having the button not on the side - I have to roll my glove out of the way during pre starts to keep from hitting the button again.

    Weekend Warrior

    Apr 28, 2009, 7:41 AM

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    Re: [reefer] Best Sailing Watch?

    Optimum Time Sailing Watches; New models now In stock

    These watches have large, easy-to-read digits, pre-programmed 5,4,1,0 ISAF start sequences, count up & down, loud audible alerts, a sync feature for spot on starts and bright electro-luminescence backlight displays for nighttime viewing. Shock and water resistant, all watches come with a one year warranty plus an easy to understand manual.

    I've found them to be the easiest to use with the features I need and nothing else. I've tried out the others and even have an expensive a Suunto Mariner in the drawer because it's far to complicated and hard to use.

    The pre-programed ISAF sequence is my favorite feature and a large, easy to read display + audible alerts help during hectic starting sequences. The electro-luminescence backlight is bright enough that I can use it to look for stuff in my Offshore Duffel at night.

    Good Sailing,

    G. E. Kriese

    G. E. Kriese


    Feb 15, 2013, 11:38 AM

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    Re: [The Publisher] Best Sailing Watch?

    Sorry to post on such old thread.

    I have been passed down a Memotime all digital watch purchased new in March 1982. Cannot find any information on this model and in particular no user manuals or anything else. Anyone familiar with it?