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Jun 21, 2019, 9:47 AM

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Summer Intern: Fulcrum Speedworks

Fields: Sports Equipment: Small scale High End Manufacturing

Basic sailing and sailboat upkeep.
Motor boat driving.
Small trailer towing
must have driver’s license

Desirable other skills:
Basic boat repair, hard-waring and knot tying.
Forklift driving
Basic admin skills (email; spreadsheets, etc.)

Hours: 40 a week. Fully paid.

Want to work for the best boatbuilding startup in the country? Cool, because we’ve got work to do. Fulcrum is an exciting fast-paced hydro foiling sailboat manufacturer in Bristol RI leveraging technology and modern communication to build a fun rapidly growing user base of UFO sailors.
Fulcrum Speedworks is looking for an expert dinghy sailor and coach to intern this summer at our factory in Bristol, RI. Intern will learn how to sail the UFO, help run demos and clinics, maintain and repair UFOs, assist with customer service and learn everything that goes into running a dinghy manufacturing operation. Must be willing to help out wherever needed.
The company’s team is built on a broad group of exceptional veterans and proven young talent. Our marketing activity is hands on and exciting, our manufacturing work is hands on and exciting. Our development work is hands on and groundbreaking. Come help us build the future and get a great tan in the best place on earth to spend the summer while you’re at it.