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For Sale RS Aero 7 No1128. New York


Apr 22, 2019, 7:29 PM

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For Sale RS Aero 7 No1128. New York

The boat is fully rigged, ready to race.  The boat and all the gear are in excellent mint condition and sailed only 4 times.  Always stored in garage.

* Aero 7 Rig
* Padded Rudder bag
* Padded Daggerboard bag
* Padded Spar bag
* Mast Up Deck cover
* Dynamic dolly
* Stohlquist Edge PFD (Red L)
* Gill Smock (White/Red L)

Boat package price - $9,100

RS Aero 9 rig pack; Includes lower mast, rolled sail, bag, battens, and batten key. All items in the pack are brand new, in original packaging.
Price - $1,500

Buy the boat and 9 rig together and get additional price break .

For Pictures see post on craigslist,