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Balloon Project - Retrieval HELP


May 31, 2014, 7:19 AM

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Balloon Project - Retrieval HELP

Anyone boating off the Vineyard today and can help a fellow sailor??
My son is in high school and launched this morning (Sat. 31 May) a high altitude (100000+ft) balloon project. He had planned for retrieval on Buzzard's Bay, but the ascent rate of the balloon was much less than predicted so the balloon went much further downrange than planned. We are tracking it in real time (5 min intervals) and it has landed on the water about 3nm off the west end of Martha's Vineyard. He has no way of retrieval out there. It's a long shot, but in the event that anyone is boating out there today or tomorrow (Sunday) I can provide coordinates. Would offer a $100 reward to be able to retrieve the equipment and the pictures for his project. As I say, long shot but any help appreciated. Email me at cmann at eastlink dot ca or phone 902-634-4642.