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Rules in the zone


Apr 26, 2014, 8:09 PM

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Rules in the zone

We were approaching the windward mark on port and not laying the mark, I tacked to starboard and due to a stalled boat at the mark I carried past my layline in order to clear the boat with ample room. I then tacked to port and saw another boat coming up on starboard. I thought he had ample room to tack and make the mark. We were now both in the zone. Instead of tacking he carried past his layline and as he closed on me yelled starboard, I tacked away, but he had to alter course and as I completed my tack he contacted my starboard quarter with his port quarter.
According to the rules, I was at fault for not staying clear of a starboard tack boat.
I later spoke to one of his crew who said he could have tacked and easily made the mark. Did he have an obligation to sail his proper course to the mark? I believe he intentionally sailed past his layline in order to force me to tack away. Was that a violation?