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2014 Blokart North Americans Video

Dave T

Apr 6, 2014, 12:05 PM

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2014 Blokart North Americans Video

The first Video has some warm up and a bit of racing.
The big Silver van is mine and you can see me at the line running the starts.
Deb and Loretta, ice boating gals came out to help with the scoring.
Telemundo, Spanish TV was out doing filming also.
Sadly there were no US or Sailing Media presence, though one Las Vegas Weather person mentioned we were there.

The Second Video is of the last day with the highest winds.
The leaders were hitting 55 mph on the reaches and at the leeward mark.
Try that on for size, rounding the leeward mark at 55 mph

Scot Young shot the Video with his Go Pro Hero HD.
The Panning device was designed and built by Dean Kitchen and has a foot switch for controls.