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Why sailing is Failing in the US?

Dave T

Sep 2, 2013, 8:22 PM

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Why sailing is Failing in the US?

When a great Country like the USA, The Worlds largest Economy, The Worlds Largest Military and the worlds largest grouping of Attorneys, fails. It fails big.

Here are the Results of the 2013 IFDS Worlds. The USA had 2 entrants into each class.

2.4mR, if ordered from Finland 20k race ready. If ordered from Florida 15 K race ready. A serious Campaign 50K/year
Skud 18, a 35K boat race ready for disabled sailors, requiring 1 female and a very disabled person (can be both). A serious Campaign 75K/year
Sonar, Damn dumb keel boat that will never be used on the west coast or gulf coast of the USA and too much money for it's out dated design. A serious Campaign 100K/year

After you see the results of the USA entrants, You should have no questions as to why Sailing in the USA is dying.

If you cannot lift those at the bottom, how can you build at the top?

After The Red Bull (shit) Youth or should it be the Red Bull Young Men's (girls not allowed) Americas Cup is over and the AC is Over...... Where will your attention turn??
I hope it turns to a mirror and you take a hard look at yourself and ask the important questions. (if you need me to give you the questions, you are already lost)
I have no idea what answers you will get but I hope you get some.


Sep 6, 2013, 4:01 AM

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Re: [Dave T] Why sailing is Failing in the US?

The sailing scene is similar on the Olympic class competition front as well! Campaigning now is as difficult and expensive as ever!


Oct 6, 2013, 5:52 PM

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Re: [Dave T] Why sailing is Failing in the US?

I see a lot of sailing going on. Harbors busy, launches full of people going & coming. High School team racing building all over the place. Town-owned sailing programs bringing people into sailing who'd be swinging golf clubs otherwise. Maybe people are having too much fun in their own neighborhoods to want to bother with the IFDS worlds.