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"The Saga of the International One-Design" Available for Purchase


Jul 29, 2012, 1:13 PM

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"The Saga of the International One-Design" Available for Purchase

The International One-Design Class is pleased to announce completion of a multi-year project, a history of the first ISAF designated Classic Class.

The boats were designed by the Norwegian Naval Architect, Bjarne Aas of Frederikstad, in 1935 and first raced in 1937 making this the 75th Anniversary of the Class. Prominent Long Island Sound sailor, Corny Shields was the moving force behind creation of the new class. Many of the America’s Cup sailors in the 12-Metre era came out of this class, which from the beginning has been known for its strict control of sail purchases, ensuring that all compete with identical sails in identical boats.

The boat was an early success, replacing the Six Metre class as a one design boat with the same sailing characteristics. Today there are about 250 boats sailing in 11 fleets worldwide. Originally built of wood, fiberglass construction has created evenly matched GRP sisters racing in the same fleets.

As part of the Jubilee Celebration, the Class commissioned Concepts Publishing Inc. in Vermont to produce the book. Alessandro Vitelli and Dana Jinkins of CPI were joined by Past World Class President Herb Motley who brought his extensive research on the boats to the project. The major sections include an overall history of the creation and development of the class; a section on each of the eleven individual fleets from Sweden to San Francisco; a technical discussion of the evolution of the boats from the first 30 years when they were all constructed of wood in Frederikstad Norway to the conversion to fiberglass; and finally a complete registry of the 270 known boats with a cascading list of their owners from construction to the present day. Visually lovely, the book has hundreds of photographs from the earliest roots in Bermuda to the present day.

Physically, the book is a 9”x12” coffee table volume of 210 pages. The Saga of the International One-Design can be purchased for US$65 (plus shipping) online at Deliveries will begin in May, 2012.

For further information, please contact Herb Motley at

Captain Herbert J. Motley
Dashing Rock
6 Cary Street
Nahant, MA 01908
Cell: 617-943-5657