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The not-so-nautical dictionary

The Publisher

May 16, 2011, 8:17 AM

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The not-so-nautical dictionary

From Eric Sorensen:
I love John Beale's use of the term 'front porch' for the foredeck (in Scuttlebutt 3340). That was my haunt during my 3+ decades of big boat racing. The use of the slightly off terms on boats, that is not using 'correct' nautical terms, is great fun. For example, below deck turns into downstairs, the lazerrette is the garage, the swim step is the back porch, etc.

Are there other terms to add to this naughty dictionary?

The Publisher

May 16, 2011, 8:20 AM

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Re: [The Publisher] The not-so-nautical dictionary

These were emailed to the Scuttlebutt editor...

From Chris Caswell:
Sure, Eric, there are a lot more terms. Take, for example, all the strings on a boat. Up strings, in strings, down strings and just strings. And then there's the tree in the middle of the boat, too. Keep the tree pointed up.

From David Barrow:
Naughty names we used to call the galley the Kitchen and nav station the navigatorium but more often it was known as "the place opposite the kitchen where the maps go".

From Rich Hayes:
Yes, whilst we have guys, sheets, up & down hauls, halyards, kickers/vangs, cunninghams, topping lifts, preventors, warps, cables, etc, etc, actually it’s all just String. Blue string, yellow string, black string, white-with-red-bits string; big string, little string…

From Doran Cushing:
As told to me some years ago by some Hobie 33 racers, the bow was Adventureland and the cockpit was Fantasyland.