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Weather Interpretation Webinar

Bill Biewenga

May 3, 2011, 12:13 PM

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Weather Interpretation Webinar

WxLIVE! is pleased to announce the availability of our recent webinars, recorded and available now for your viewing at During the 3 hour discussion you will discover where to find top quality weather information and how to interpret weather maps, satellite images, local conditions and other sources of weather info. The material is conveniently broken down into segments so you can easily learn how to use this critical information. Hosted by Bill Biewenga and Lou Roberts, guest speakers include, Ken Campbell from Commanders' Weather, Joe Sienkiewicz from the Ocean Prediction Center and Dr. Frank Bohlen from the University of Connecticut's school of oceanography. Learn how to interpret and use this information from the people who understand and use it themselves and have guided thousands of other people to safety and success. The reduced-rate pre-recorded webinars are now available at We'll look forward to seeing you there, and good luck with your upcoming sailing season!